Winter Care for Your Rieker Boots

So you finally found that perfect pair of Rieker boots for the winter season only to take your first step outside and have the terrible winter weather conditions ruin them. We aren’t going to let that happen to you. Rieker shoes are not merely decorative and fashionable products. Their functional features offer much more than just that. Every shoe incorporates our special construction and utilizes lightweight and elastic components to achieve our anti-stress features which is why we want you to take care of your boots so get the most use out of them for the longest amount of time possible. We have put together a few simple care tips that will leave your Rieker boots looking just as new at the end of winter as they did when you first bought them

The first thing you have to consider when caring for your boots is what material they are made of. Our Reiker and Remonte easy care material are some of the best vegan-friendly materials in Canada. With these easy-care materials, a simple damp cloth with mild soap will remove any dirt, salt, or grease stains. It’s important that you do not spray or apply any oils, wax, or finishing products to these materials.

If, however, your Rieker boots are made out of a leather material we recommend you protect your footwear before you initially wear them. To keep the leather clean you should first apply a leather lotion and leather cleaner using a soft cloth to lift the dirt. Next, use a dauber brush to apply a polish or boot wax that is the same colour as your boot. Be sure to let the wax dry and then buff gently with a soft cloth and repeat the process again. Finally, you need to spray your boots with a protector. In harsh winter conditions, it is best to spray your boots frequently to keep them in the finest condition possible.

When it comes to dealing with those pesky salt stains throughout the winter season the best thing you can do is to wipe your boots off with a damp cloth while they are still wet. Letting the salt dry on your leather boots will burn the leather. If you cannot save the boot before the salt dries you can use a salt stain remover and then wipe your boots with a damp cloth.

Rieker’s philosophy has always been to provide the best product people can purchase by producing high-quality leisure shoes that not only look great but enhance the wearer’s lifestyle. We know you want your Rieker boots to last more than one winter season. As long as you follow these care steps for them you’ll be wearing them for many years to come and keeping them looking brand new.

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